Connecting People to Christ

Prayer Sheet

We are being called to stand in the gap and offer up our prayers and supplications to the Lord at a time like this. We begin an HOURLY PRAYER CHAIN from 12 midnight every first Friday of the month.

We lift our hearts & voices to the Lord in behalf of:

(1)  Frontliners & Healthcare Workers: Divine protection for them and their families, strong immunity, great stamina, help Christians in health care to exhibit extraordinary peace, so that many would ask about the reason for their hope and give them opportunities to proclaim the gospel

(2) The Sick, Afflicted and Vulnerable: Accurate diagnosis, miraculous healing, swift recovery, divine protection over their family members and carers, sustain bodies and spirits, protection over our elderly and those suffering from chronic disease, contain the spread of infection

(3) Researchers and Scientific Community:  Lead the charge to understand the disease and communicate its gravity, Divine favour, eureka moments, revolutionary breakthroughs, persuasive voice and cure

(4) The Global Church: Empowerment, transformative changes and supernatural growth, stand in the gap, blessed and anointed proclamation of God’s Word and messages, experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit

(5) Pastors, Elders & Ministry Leaders: Divine wisdom, discernment, courage to lead the way, zeal to persevere, effectual revisions and changes to ministry activities

(6) Christians believers and Missionaries: Inspiration from the Holy Spirit to pray, to give, love and serve, faith to overcome fear, love to reach out selflessly, boldness to rise up and share the Good News, faithfulness towards God’s work in the local church; Pray for our mission partners: Millmerran, Fishers of Souls in Morong Rizal and YWAM Surigao

(7) The Unsaved, those with Mental Challenges and the Homeless: Divine encounters, many turning to the Prince of Peace and finding salvation through Jesus Christ, provision of every necessary support

(8) Families, Workers and Students: Strengthened relationships, stronger marriages, rebuke domestic violence and mental oppression, abound in faith, hope and love, access to adequate household necessities, sustain livelihoods, patience and creative solutions for parents who homeschool or work at home, show them that while life is uncertain, their trust is in You

(9) Australian Government & fellow citizens: Good governance, sound decision-making, Godly wisdom to allocate the necessary resources for combating this pandemic, sensitivity and compassion towards the people and provide more tests, citizens to abide by the laws, guidelines and restrictions set by authorities, for the young and the strong to practice caution to keep them from unwittingly spreading this disease and inspire them to help

 (10)  Media and Consumers of Media:  Commitment to provide up-to-date information with appropriate seriousness without causing panic, wisdom in finding the most helpful local information to equip at being good neighbours, keep from anxiety and panic, and enable to implement the recommended strategies

(11)  Global situation: The decline of cases and eventually the end of the pandemic, viral stories of God’s work & miracles, the Spirit of the Lord at work and God’s name being glorified