Connecting People to Christ

Prayer Sheet


Hi Church! Ps.Michael & Ps.Roslyn will be hosting the prayer meetings on the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month.
Their desire is to see as many of the church as possible be involved in this short time of prayer.
The format will be different with no pre-designated people listed to pray. Instead, a numbered Prayer Guide will
be posted on Tuesdays. Those desiring to pray can select a point (or 2 or 3 etc) and simply type in eg. Mary 4 & 8.

Personal requests can be sent straight to the prayer chat group or thru Sis.Brenda.

Join us this every Wednesday at 7:30PM for our Online Prayer Night via Zoom app (meeting link SAME WEEKLY).
MeetingID: 89100477898
Passcode: 794621

Australian churches

1.   Anointed Leaders.

2.   Prophetic Leaders.

3.   For the people of all churches to rise up:-

            To pray

            To evangelize

            To impact their communities in practical ways.

4.   For a greater reliance upon the Holy Spirit

            For the nine gifts to operate in the church.

            For a greater awareness of God’s presence.

            For the part each believer must play.

Our Nation

5.   For the Prime Minister and state leaders.

6.   For the coming elections.

            For God to raise up the right leaders.

            For the wrong leaders to lose their seats.

            For a Prime minister with strong convictions for what is right for all people.

            For members of Parliament to have a sense of what’s right and wrong.

Immediate Needs

8.         Relief for flood victims.

9.         For all government departments to work together to help the needy.

10.       For people with multiple properties to make the available at reasonable rent.

11.       For insurance companies to do what’s right for their clients.

12.       For those who have lost their homes, their possessions, their jobs.

For Ukraine

13.       For the war to cease.

            For the suffering men, woman, children.

            For the western nations to do more than talk.

                        To help with food, water, clothing, blankets.

14.       For other nations to open the borders to the needy and desperate.

15.       For God to shake Mr Putin to face reality and stop the conflict.

Other Needs/Prayer Requests